S1 Housing

Aleppo, Syria
Residential / Concept Design
Hani Fakhani and Omar Araar

The residential neighbourhood has been designed with developing a sense of community as a driving principle. The layout is arranged with the experience of gradual transition from the public space, though semi-public garden to the private courtyard into the housing unit, and hence encouraging interaction among residents.

The affordability of the housing units is the second design principle, for which the layout of the housing unit was designed in a form which can be built incrementally allowing the residing family to reside in a core housing unit and expand it when it becomes needed and financially possible.

Masterplan.jpg 4 clusters masterplan
171011_SKN_Graph_02.gif Incrementality _ Cluster
Floor plans.jpg Housing unit plan
Plans and phasing-1.jpg Housing unit phaseing plans
171011_SKN_Graph_01.gif Incrementality _ House

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