North Marmara Highway Service Project

Istanbul, Turkey
Fonksiyon Mimarlik
Omar Araar and Hani Fakhani

North Marmara highway service project is located on the motorway connecting the new Istanbul third airport with Istanbul third bridge and Asian side of Istanbul city. The round shaped footbridge ramp was developed to combine two of the main components of the project programme; the services space including cafes and the crossing footbridge to connect both sides of the road. Other components of the project include parking areas, car services, and gas station.

Locating the cafes and other food and break spaces on the bridge allow the opportunity for the travellers to have a food break while enjoying the views from those raised spaces over the surrounding forests. This also allows an easy access for travellers on both sides of the road to those services.

PLUStudios_Kuzey Marmara Otoyol_1.JPG
PLUStudios_Kuzey Marmara Otoyol_2.jpg

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