Flowers Village

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - Yüksel Proje

In collaboration with Yuksel Proje, the main contractor, we worked on developing the design of the Flower Village project. The village which has a magnificent green context and viewing opportunity and which residences' livelihoods depends on the flower industry is located near the new under-construction Istanbul third airport. Building on this village potentials. we proposed an intervention which aims at enhancing the economic productivity of the village while contributing a unique experience to the wider community of Istanbul residents and its visitors. the proposed interventions represent the village as touristic flowers- centred village with a wide range of production, entertainment and trade activities.

The intervention of the village builds on the existing infrastructure. The main roads (loop 1&2) are enhanced to become the common destination for the village main services. on these roads, 2 public squares (the mosque square, and the Muhtar square) were added to create landmarks and gathering points for the village residents. this is in addition to exsiting and proposed service and public buildings that are all located in proximity to these two loops which serves the same concept. 

The inner loop which connects the two plazas/ squares can be partly closed for cars to create space for flowers festivals.  

PLUStudios_Flower Village (1).jpg General View
PLUStudios_Flower Village Concept2.jpg Diagram - Proposed Additional Roads
PLUStudios_Flower Village Concept.jpg Existing Plan
PLUStudios_Flower Village Concept3.jpg Proposed Additional Buildings
PLUStudios_Flower Village Concept4.jpg Proposed Additional Buildings
PLUStudios_Flower Village Concept5.jpg Proposed Master Plan
PLUStudios_Flower Village (5).jpg Main plaza view
PLUStudios_Flower Village (4).jpg Main road
PLUStudios_Flower Village (6).jpg Main Road during festivals
PLUStudios_Flower Village (2).jpg Flowers shop on one of the pedestrian paths

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