Baykoz Villas 2

Istanbul, Turkey
Interior - Concept Design
Fonksioyn Mimarlik
Hani Fakhani, Omar Araar, Mazen Kanawati, Ridwan Malakani and Waleed Habalati

Beykoz Kos Villas is a small village of 2 and 3 storey houses located in an area of Baykoz in the city of Istanbul in a site rich with pine trees. The interior design of those villas celebrates the beauty of the project site. The configuration of the arrangement of the rooms allows for maximum overlooking of the forest views, while the interior style stands in contrast, as a modern design, to the organic nature of the site.

Location.jpg The site is located one the edge of Baykoz forest in the city of Istanbul
Kos Village.jpg The villas are located in a nice forst like site rich with pine trees
Plan.jpg The layout configuration priority maximum transparency
Baykoz_Sketch (1).jpg
Baykoz_Sketch (3).jpg
Baykoz_Sketch (2).jpg
Baykoz_Sketch (5).jpg

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