Arma Social Housing

Hani Fakhani and Omar Araar

Arma Social Housing is located on the periphery of the town of Armanaz in Syria’s Idlib. The owner non-for-profit organization was looking to accommodate both housing units for a number of families of widows and orphans as well as some vocational workshop spaces and private storages for external users.

Our proposal prioritized enforcing the sense of security and the sense of community for the residing families. The sense of security and privacy has been met through separating the access of our community of residing families from that of the visiting users of workshop spaces both horizontally and vertically. The building itself works as a barrier between the residents’ garden in the south side and the workshop yard on the opposite side.

The sense of community was enforced through designing the housing unit around semi-private terraces and circulation spaces where many of the shared facilities can be located. This wasn’t at the cost of maximizing the number of hosted families as per the wish of the owner, something which we met by expanding our building vertically.

The design as well accounts for the need for natural sunlight by breaking the linear building into a group of four smaller masses avoiding the north/ south orientation of the linear building and allowing each housing unit to have facades with two directions at least.

PLUStudios_Armanaz-Social-Housing_Cam_01.jpg Aerial view
Armanaz_Masterplan.jpg Masterplan
Diagrams-Armanaz-01.gif Concpet diagram
Armanaz Plan-01.jpg Workshop level
Armanaz Plan-02.jpg First level
Armanaz Plan-03.jpg Second and third level

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