Anatolian Lighthouse Village

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Municipality
Hani Fakhani, Omar Araar, Mazen Kanawati and Ouaees Hommous
Yoksel Proje

The Anatolian Lighthouse Village is a small village in Istanbul located on a site with an amazing view over the black sea and end side of the Phosphorus at the Anadolufeneri village in the Asian part of Istanbul. The village is known for its famous lighthouse which receives a high number of visits throughout the year.

The municipality vision for the village was transformed into tourists attractive with minimum budget. Our proposal revolves around creating a spine for the village though emphasizing on one central “corridor” which can be pedestrianized when public events are hosted in the village.

The corridor is pivoted around three main plazas; the entrance place, the central plaza and the lighthouse plaza. The corridor is supported by other open spaces such as the children playground, open fair yard, and viewing platforms.

PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM3.jpg Overview
PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_Master-Plan-A.jpg Masterplan
PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_Master-Plan-diagram.jpg The corridor
PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM11B.jpg Street vender - Light expo festival
PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM9.jpg Viewing terrace
Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM5C.jpg Central plaza
Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM1C2.jpg Village entrance
Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM10E.jpg Lighthouse Plaza
PLUStudios_Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM11B.jpg Pedestrian roads
Anatolian-Lighthouse-Village_CAM4e.jpg Pedestrian roads

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