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PLUStudios is a team of architects and artists working together online and offline from London, Istanbul, Doha, Cairo, Beirut and Stuttgart.

In the last few years, and in collaboration with internationally recognized and progressive local firms, our team co-produced dozens of visuals for architectural and urban development projects worldwide. These were mainly in the areas of housing, government and public buildings, infrastructure, urban design and development projects.

Our team members enjoy an advanced 3D modelling and visualization skills coupled with strong design background which allows them to high-quality visuals while smoothly and efficiently collaborating with the design team.

Our scope and services include the production of:

  • Architectural visualization images (CGIs)
  • Sketches
  • Animation,
  • 360 degree renders, and
  • Virtual reality (VR).

Our Team

Hani Fakhani

Co-founder and Urban practitioner. LinkedIn

Hani Fakhani is the company co-founder and manager, an architect and urban practitioner. Hani’s works are focused on housing and post-conflict reconstruction.

He holds an MSc with distinction in Building and Urban Design in Development from University College London where he researched the interrelations between reconstruction, governance, and peace in Syria.

Hani is also the co-founder of Sakan Housing Communities; a social enterprise working on affordable housing, and Cube Team Architecture; an architectural design and construction company. He previously worked for five years with Henning Larsen Architects.

Omar Araar

Co-founder, Architect and 3D Visualization Specialist LinkedIn

Omar Araar is the company's co-founder and manager, an architect, visualization specialist, and data analyst. He is highly skilled to technically manage the production of large-scale projects.

Omar has a bachelor’s degree with merit in Architecture which he received from Damascus University as one of the top five graduates of his year. He is currently undertaking his MSc studies on Urban Planning at Istanbul Technical University.

He acquired advanced 3D modeling and visualization skills working for years with a number of international and local firms.

Omar is the co-founder of Sakan Housing Communities; a start-up social enterprise working on affordable housing. He is also the co-founder of Plustudios for architectural services.

Omar Dabaan


Omar Dabaan, is an architect who has been working for the last 10+ years with many architecture practices in Europe on many projects around the world from sketch stages to detailed design stages. He has also a set of expertise on emergency architecture projects in the humanitarian field. In the office, he is the one we could ask about photography and lenses and cooking Italian food.

Ridwan Malakani


Ridwan is a senior design architect. He is a specialist in design conceptual development, with a strong appreciation of architectural spaces and advanced artistic and drawing skills.

Ridwan has a bachelor’s degree with merit in Architecture which he received from Arab International University as the top second student of the year. He is currently undertaking his MSc studies on City Planning in Damascus university.

Ridwan worked for many years as an architect and led design with many architectural firms including Memar Architecture, Cube Team Architecture, Trust Architecture and Urban Space Studio, Benacom Architecture and Plustudios Architecture.

Hamzah Alzahed

ِArchitect and Visualization Artist

Hamza is an architect and senior visualization artist. He is a specialist in photo-realistic computer-generated visualization. He has advanced skills in various architectural 3D drawing and visualization programs.

Hamza has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Yarmouk University in Damascus.

Hamza has developed his skills while working for many years as architect and visualization artist with many architectural firms including Memar Architecture, Benacom Architecture, Urban Space Studio and Plustudios Architecture.

Afnan Bahloul

Architect and Administrative

Mazen Kanawaty

Architect and Virtual Reality (VR) Specialist

Mazen is an architect and virtual reality specialists. He focuses on the art of architectural visualization using the cutting edge virtual reality techniques, such as the immersive headset VR presentations and the desktop 3D game-like architectural presentations. Mazen is passionate about keeping up to date with the newest in the field of Virtual Reality 

Mazen has received a bachelor degree in Architecture from Damascus University and worked for several years in local and international firms before joining PLUStudios end 2017.

Abdulkarim Shiekh Mustafa


Muhammad Al Shimaly


Roaa Al-Kadi

Junior Architect

Abdul Rahman Fakihani

Intern Architect

Abdul Rahman is a young architect to be. He is currently undertaking his graduation year at the architecture school through which he will focus on modern architectural design methods to optimize and maximise space use in dense urban settings.

Abdul has recently joined our team and directly chipped in to support our animation specialist team producing some key films we are working on, and supported our design team preparing visual presentations for a number of architectural design proposals.

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Nehlawi

Intern Architect

Ouaees is an Architect, urban designer, and 3D Visualizer with experience in architectural design, design programming, construction permission procedures and the delivering of Construction Documents.

He holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from Damascus University, and he is currently studying for his MSc at the architecture school of Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

Ouaees worked in the middle east and Turkey with various companies and he first worked for PLUStudios in 2016.  

Homam Hamza

Intern Architect and Visualization Artist

Khaled Akkad

Art Director and Animation Specialist

Khaled is an animator, art producer, and art editor. 

Nour Eddin Alkalam

Architect and 3D modeling spcilist

Nour is an architect and 3D modelling specialist. He has advanced skills in parametric modelling architectural and BIM drawing which has an important role both in the conceptual and detailed design phases of any project. He previously worked with Mimar Architects among other local firms where he gained working at site experience before joining Riwaq Architects. 

Nour graduated with a bachelor degree in Architecture from Damascus University in 2018 and is currently undertaking his master's in architectural design from the same university.

Hanaa Bdeir

Junior Interior Desinger and Administrative

Aya Al-Yassin

Junior Architect


We are artists and architects specialized in the visualization of built environment projects